Create your new web application to adocka platform in 2 minutes

Create your own fully functional  web application using Adocka platform in 2 minutes.

1. Log in to your  account

2. Click on  Applikationer

3. To create application click on  Ny applikation

Fill up the form:

(Drag and drop a picture for your application - optional)

Namn : Name of the application

url : Your application will be available on this sub-domain  ( e.g. ). You can add your desire public domain later on (e.g. ). 

(If you want to make you application as template check the check box or you can choose application template from all available templates that will create fully functional web application for you. There are different types of template available on adocka; such as Web, E-commerce and Subscription based online store )

4. Here you ready to go. After creating the application you can edit your content from editor as well as edit mode into browser.

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