Release 3.51 - 2016-12-05

  • Show candidate suggestions when create or edit "behov/bokning"
  • Setup server for identity Adocka OAuth2 for login
  • Added eventconsumers for Shippingtags. When adding a shippingtag to delivery, added to subscription and follows to future deliveries
  • improved timereport for "behov/bokning"
  • Started migration to .Net Core of Adocka
  • Implemented eventconumers for lojality program and referalpromocode
  • Implemented loyality and bonus program in new order flow
  • Now possible to create printtemplates in settings for delivery (order) and payments (invoice). And use them for delivery and payments.
  • Report for deliveries in reports
  • Improved excel report for payments by invoice and card
  • Finished "Adocka Template Studio", new GUI for creating and editing templates for SMS, Email and Print/Pdf

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