Release 3.35 - 2016-09-26

  • Forced move to driver for Mongo DB 3.2. Service provider will migrate service to Mongo DB 3.2 on tuesday 27'th, and Adocka updated drivers and changed code to be able to work against version 3.2. 
  • Better module management and possibility to manage access rights for more modules
  • Marketing module. Able to manage loyalty and affiliate settings.
  • Improvements in Adocka agreement
  • Started to implement recurring jobs
  • Added role based security to more actions
  • Updated Adocka Reports to new version. Totaly new graphs in Adocka reports, removed old.
  • Added another security filter to more actions for Adocka.Site
  • Improved editworkitem in "behov bokning"
  • Possibility to select if connected running subscriptions should be updated when edit subscription option  
  • Bug fix in subscriptions. Could not se ended subscriptions.
  • Updated sendlists. When creating and sending sendlists. Updated the culture settings for workers that creates and sends the emails or sms.

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