Release 3.32 - 2016-09-04

  • Create sendlists and send (email or sms). 
  • Se the status of sendlist email or sms in settings.
  • Improved security management. Admin can set rights for functions like export customers or create sendlists etc. Now when the framework is implemented we can use this on whatever function that needs to be protected for different roles.
  • Bug fix in invoice to multiple Fortnox account
  • In orders - for each order in "beställningar" you can se the generated subsciption or generated deliveries directly in order view
  • Possible to use ApiKey in delivery emails (as in contact emails). To make it possible for users to be directly logged in when clicking links in email or sms.
  • Improved search for promocode and Orderno in "Beställningar"
  • Completely fantastic new Editor and layout for coding websites with much more code completion etc
  • Changes and bugfixes in editor for razor emailtemplates (classic).
  • Improved excel report for compensation of workweeks in "Behov bokning"

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